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Chocolate Flower
Chocolate Flower
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Berlandiera lyrata. Perennial, height 18-30".

Pale yellow flowers with a maroon green center. Long summer flowering period. Strong chocolate fragrance, most pronounced in morning. Flwoers fade in afternoon and new blossoms appear next day. A bit rangy, easy to grow and the fragrance is fun for chocolate lovers.

Planting Directions:  Start seed indoors 8-10 weeks before planting out.  Sow seed in flats and just cover with soil.  Lightly moisten soil and secure in  plastic bags and refrigerated for 2 weeks.  Provide 70-75˚ thereafter.  Outdoors sow seed in early spring, when soil is cool and a light frost is still possible or in late autumn.  Just barely cover the seeds.  Germination takes 14-36 days.  Transplant seedlings after the last frost and space 18-24” apart.  Chocolate Flowers like full sun and average soil conditions, and moderate moisture.  Deadhead for continuous bloom.