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Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint Corn
Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint Corn
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  • Open pollinated. 70 days Height: 
  • 5  1/2' A very early, truly productive flint corn, suitable for cornbread, polenta, Johnny Cakes, or decoration. 
  • Date to maturity is milk stage for easy comparison to sweet corn. 
  • Carol Deppe, local vegetable and corn breeder has made multipe selections and crosses to develop Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint Corn. Plants produce ears of a single color ranging from yellow, gold, maple-gold,red-orange to deepest red. Any color of seed may well produce corn of any of these colors. Each color has a slightly different taste, darkest ears having the most robust flavor. 
  • Ears are 7" to 10", kernels closely set on a narrow cob. 
  • When planting sweet corn nearby you want to avoid cross-pollination. Select a mid late to late variety of sweet corn and plant at same time as Cascade Ruby-Gold or alternatively plant Cascade Ruby-Gold three weeks later than maturity date for early sweet corn and you will safely avoid cross-pollination.
  •  Deppe, author of The Resilient Gardener states " I've bred these Cascade lines to be the ultimate survival corns as well as to be spectacularly delicious". 
  • This ehow link provides good simplified advice on shelling and grinding this type of corn.

Planting Directions: Sow seed in spring after all danger of frost has past and soil temperature is between 60° and 95°. Plant seed 1” to 1 1/2”  deep,  3-4 seeds per hill spaced  4”-6” apart. Plant in blocks of 2-4 rows to optimize germination. Corn is a heavy feeder especially of nitrogen. Plant in well prepared soil amended with rich compost or a  complete garden fertilizer. Successive plantings at 2-4 week intervals assures a steady supply of corn for several weeks. Plant in full sun. Water  moderately and  increase watering when tassels appear.