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Carmello Tomato (F1)
Carmello Tomato (F1)
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  • Hybrid  75 days. Indeterminate. 
  • Carmello is a favorite French selection, remowned for it’s sweet juicy fruit and full, rich flavor. 
  • Beautiful round smooth fruits weigh 6 to 12 oz. 
  • Crack resistant so keeps producing into fall.
  •  Resistant to fusarium,nematodes, tobacco mosaic virus and verticillium.

Planting Directions:  Plant seed indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting in  spring.  Sow seed 1/2” deep in sterile starting soil,  maintaining a soil temperature of 65˚ to  95˚. Germinates in 6-10 days if soil is kept at 85°.  When seedlings are 10 days old replant (if using seedling trays) into 2” or 4” pots. Transplant outdoors when soil temperatures are at least 70˚ in well drained soil enriched with organic matter or a general purpose fertilizer. Space plants 2’ to 3’ apart. Avoid high levels of nitrogen in the soil as this promotes vegetative growth and reduces yields. Water regularly during growing season and  reduce or withhold water when tomatoes begin to ripen.