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Cajun Jewel Okra Organic
Cajun Jewel Okra Organic
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  • Open pollinated. 65 days.
  • Cajun Jewel Okra  is a longtime Louisiana avorite that adapts well  to northern growing conditions.
  • Dwarf spineless 3’-4’ plants are productive.
  • Northern growers have better yields when the first few pods are picked very small from young plants.
  • Especially good for short season areas.

Planting Directions:  Plant seed 1” deep in sterile seed starting mix, 5-6 weeks before last frost. Maintain soil temperature of 80-95˚. Transplant into garden when soil stays 75˚ or warmer, space plants 12” apart in loose, well prepared soil. Soil should be amended with compost or a general garden fertilizer. Direct sow only in warm regions and in cooler areas plants benefit from use of a garden blanket until weather warms sufficiently. Although pods grow 6-7”, pick earlier and regularly to prolong the bearing season.