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Edible Burdock-Takinogawa Long
Edible Burdock-Takinogawa Long
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  • Takinogawa Long Gobo - Arctium lappa
  • Heirloom. Open pollinated. 120 days.
  • This is the finest variety of Edible Burdock. The brown, white-fleshed, long and slender, parsnip-shaped roots usually grow to 2'. 
  • A very important vegetable in China (Ngau Pong) and Japan (Gobo). The dried roots are surprisingly good, chewy with a slight anise flavor.
  • Prefers a deeply worked sandy soil. Gobo can be sown in early spring for a fall crop or in late fall for an early spring crop.

Planting Directions: Plant seed ½” deep in loose soil. Sow seed after the soil has thoroughly warmed, 65˚ to 75˚ is best. Soil needs to be worked to a depth of 2 ft to accommodate the long tap roots. Incorporate compost or general garden fertilizer when working the soil.  Thin to 4-6” when seedlings are 3” tall. Water moderately taking care not to over water. Spring planted roots should be ready in 2-3 months. Fall plantings are harvested in early spring. Dig deeply with a spade or potato fork until a gentle tug frees the loosened roots.