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Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Bright Lights Swiss Chard
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  • Open pollinated. 30-55 days.
  • Plants stems are yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet, or striped as well as the traditional red or white. 
  • Plants mature at two feet, begin harvesting early for baby chard. 
  • Brilliant clear colors for your ornamental food garden. Delicious and tender. 1998 All America Selection.

 Planting DirectionsSow seeds in spring after danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures have reached a minimum of 50˚, optimum is 80˚. Plant in well prepared soil that has been enriched with compost or garden fertilizer.  Sow seeds 1/2” deep, in rows spaced 18” apart. As plants grown, thin to 4-5“apart. Use the thinnings in salads or other dishes. Water moderately on a regular basis. Make successive plantings for continuous harvest. Can tolerate light frosts in spring and fall.