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Imperial Star Artichoke
Imperial Star Artichoke
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  • Cynarus scolymus 95 Days. Open pollinated.
  • Extra vigorous variety produces 6 to 8 artichokes the first season. 
  • Imperial Star Artichoke ; adapted to most as  it does not require a chilling period to produce buds so it is adapted to most growing areas.
  • Start seeds in February or March and transplant in 6 to 8 weeks when soil has warmed. Harvest thornless buds when 4 1/2 inches and enjoy their mellow mild flavor.
  • Imperial Star overwinters well in the Noprhtwest when cut back to about 10” above ground and mulched with straw.
Planting Directions:   Sow seed in spring after all danger of frost has past. Seeds may also be started indoors or in cold frames. Soil temperature for germination should be 70° minimum with 80° optimum.  Transplant after all danger of frost is past. Set plants 3’ apart in rich deeply dug soil. Gather buds before they bloom. Cut back stalks after picking to encourage sucker production. Ground should be kept moist during growing season preferably with a mulch as excessive watering encourages fungus diseases. Plants should be renewed every 5 years.