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Burgundy Amaranth ORGANIC
Burgundy Amaranth ORGANIC
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  • Open pollinated. 30 days for salad cuts-100 days for seed.
  • 6-7’ tall.
  • Brilliantly colored leaves of Burgundy Amaranth add vibrancy to mixed salads. At the end of the season cut mature flower heads and dry where you can easily collect seed.
  • The tiny creamy colored seeds can be ground for cooking or place in a covered skillet, and enjoy the tiny popcorn like puffs.

Planting DirectionsPlant in spring as early as the ground can be worked in rich, well-prepared soil. Cover with 1/8th” fine soil pressed down lightly. Keep soil evenly moist until germination occurs in 10-15 days. Thin when plants are 2” high to 12”-14” apart for grain production.  Young leaves can be harvested as salad greens.  Harvest consistently for tender greens until plants are between 4’-5’ tall.  If harvesting as a grain pick all seed pods before seed shatters.